Rex the pirate – a poem for kids

(This is quite a long poem. But it’s in short verses)


This is the tale

Of a pirate called Rex

A short sighted pirate

Who would not wear specs.

Rex had a parrot

Rex had a hook

Rex had a beard

And a desperate look

His ship was the Cod

Fifty guns in a row

And a great silver fish

Carved out at her bow

In fact Rex was what

Every pirate should be –

Except for one thing:

Rex could not see.


A short sighted pirate

How can that be?

He can’t hunt for gold

If he can’t even see.

He should have some glasses

To sit on his nose

He’d soon see it all

If he had some of those

But Rex will not do it

Rex does not care:

“Specs are for brainier

People to wear!”

“How could I shout

Or walk on the decks?

The crew would all laugh

At a pirate in specs!”


You know what will happen

(I think that you do)

When Rex goes to sea

With his dog and his crew.

He blunders about

He talks to the mast

He doesn’t see ships

When they go sailing past

The crew are no good

For nobody sees –

They sit in their hammocks

And do as they please

The mate is asleep

Fat Jack fills his belly

The others are fighting

Or watching the telly


Nobody watches

No one looks out

Nobody cries ‘Ship ahoy’

With a shout

Only old Fred

Has his eyes all agog

But that is no help

Because Fred is the dog.

Its not any old ship

That’s coming this way

But Black Pirate Birt –

He’s spotted his prey!

He been looking for Rex

(He knows him of old) –

He’ll sink his ship

And take all his gold!


The last time they met

Black Birt came unstuck

But to tell the truth

It was very bad luck

Birt stood by his ship

On the edge of the  quay

Minding his business –

But Rex didn’t see.

He walked into Birt

They met with a crash

Black Birt fell in

With a watery splash

He coughed and he choked

He puffed out his cheeks

He caught a bad cold

And it lasted six weeks.


Now it’s a problem

It won’t be much fun

Biack Birt waves his sword

His mate waves his gun

“Lets send the whole lot

To Tim-Buck-Too

I’ll teach Captain Rex

To give me the Flu!”

Rex cannot see

But he still has his ears

Could that possibly be

Black Birt that he hears?

Old Fred barks, Yes

He’s just OVER THERE!

Rex screws up his eyes:



Now its too bad

Now its too late

Its time for Rex

To suffer his fate

But Fred has a plan

He jumps at the rudder

The Cod rams Black Birt

With a crash and a shudder.

Smashed by the Cod

Black Birt has the pip –

There’s a great big hole

In the side of his ship!

Birt’s ship is sinking

He’s beaten again

Not by Rex

But his four legged friend!


Now the crew of the Cod

Are not happy at all

The crash made the telly

Fall off the wall.

Now it is broken –

Now it won’t work!

They were half way through Friends

So they all go berserk.

But Rex doesn’t care,

“It’s a good thing” he said:

“Now the telly is smashed

You can help me instead!”

“Pull the ropes! Hoist the sails!

It’s soon time for bed

You can all make some dinner

For me and for Fred!”

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