Theories and speculations

Welcome to my blog. It is named after Dickens’ most interesting creation. Morally ambivalent characters have always been necessary in storytelling. These essays, I hope, explain why everyone who thinks about consciousness needs to understand the importance of swivelling.

Like all blogs, this one has arranged itself in chronological order. If you would like some directions I would suggest reading An Essay on Causality, Religious Science, and Truth, Facts and an Injured Bird, then the various essays relating to quantum physics, then the essay on intelligence and then the essay on emotion. Everything else may then make sense. Alternatively, you could just buy my new book, Quantism, which arranges everything for you and covers many of the topics here.

Going back many years, my first book, Charles Dickens and the Form of the Novel has been reprinted and is now available on Amazon in hardback and more affordably on Kindle. It was a first attempt at some of the ideas I have tried to explain on this blog. A paperback edition will follow. Here is the preface to the new edition: Charles Dickens and the Form of the Novel – Preface to current edition

The full introduction to the book may be found here: Charles Dickens and the Form of the Novel – full introduction

(For bizarre reasons beyond my control this full version of the introduction doesn’t appear in the published book)

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